Francesca is amazing. I was referred to the salon by a friend and I am very thankful. I walked in the door looking like Annie. The salon I went to just a few days prior in Times Sq. cut my hair with a razor adding so many layers which def requires maintenance; eventhough, I said please make this hairstyle a wash and go with a few red highlights. Well, he did what he wanted and I went from semi long hair to short and crazy looking with an entire head of red/orange. Francesca worked magic like no other. First off, red/orange hair color is one of the most difficult colors to fix and she brought it back to it’s light brown color with just a few gentle golden highlights. I am going back there in a month for a trim as she is going to ensure my hair grows out nicely. Thank you Francesca. Also, you should know everyone who works there is very super friendly. I highly recommend Genesis hair salon. 3/26/2013

This place is great! The staff and hair stylists are super professional and extremely pleasant. I have been a Frank devotee for years and continue to travel back to Hoboken for my hair cut even though I moved away years ago!

My hair cut always looks current and has a subtle – but different edge to it every time I go. I can’t even say enough about the color treatments – they are perfect.

Try this place – even for a blowout – you won’t be disappointed. 7/23/2013

I am writing this review based on my experience with Paulie and his amazing blow outs! They had a special running all summer for $25 blow outs and I’m not sure if it will continue but it’s an amazing price and Paulie is great. He clearly loves what he does and I always leave with great looking hair. There is sometimes a wait as the salon gets busy and they fall behind but I think it’s worth it in this case. 9/9/2013


Well the first thing I guess I should tell you is that I am not a glamorous girl. There is no Pantene perfect hair, no red lipstick, did not come in a perfectly styled outfit. But when the time came to glam it up a little or actually a whole damn lot I called around and settled on Francesca at Genesis.

The minute I walked in I knew I’d made the right decision. Francesca introduced herself, sat down with me and yes for the next few hours she worked and yes reword my colors/low-lights and highlights. The first round of colors was not me -
its different from seeing a swatch to what is actually on your hair. But she sat with me and yes reapplied the color to suit not only my hair but my personality.

At one point I mentioned how it was amazing but I could see her handiwork. So after 45 minutes talking about different products, and finishing touches.

Ahhhh and there it was in front of me, extended in great deep brown, and whipped around perfect tresses G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S,

I headed off to my appointment and later that night stopped by a party where several people commented on my look including yes, a certain favorite cool guy (if you know me, you know who he is).

Its been a week later and maybe, money can’t buy you love, maybe it can’t buy you happiness, but it can sure as hell buy you an amazing afternoon where you’re guaranteed to walk out feeling like a million dollars and ready for any close-up. Maybe I do have a glamorous girl in me after all… I just needed Francesca and Genesis hair salon to help me find her.

Kim K.